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We’ll be covering the Esports Awards. What should you expect?

UPDATE: The Esports Awards will be broadcast November 21

It’s the fifth annual Esports Awards, an awards show to honor the best of the best in gaming. As the nominees have been put forward, the finalists have been announced, and voting has commenced in full swing, we eagerly await the awards show to determine the winners. Until then, we at Stropse have a lot planned to cover the show and want to fill you in on what the hype is about and why you should care.

Esports Awards
Photo courtesy of the Esports Awards

What are the Esports Awards?

The Esports Awards are an annual event that “aim to ensure that success and achievement in esports is celebrated globally, acting as an impartial entity across all platforms and titles,” according to the official Esports Awards website. Sponsored by Scuf Gaming, the show has a goal to “create a legacy” both for the hosts and nominees and to “honor the industry,” legitimizing the gaming world on a global scale.

There are five awards categories: Community, Industry, Creative, Pro, and On-Air Talent. Each of these categories have anywhere from four to nine awards within them relating to their assigned categories. These awards include Streamer of the Year, Video Game Journalist of the Year, Best Mobile Game, and even Esports Cosplay of the Year.

The Esports Awards are also very community-based, as the nomination and voting process are heavily community involved. Nominations for these awards are open to the public, allowing anyone to submit someone for consideration they deem worthy. Based on those nominations, finalists are chosen and then put to a public vote. The full list of finalists is available on their website, and voting is live.

After the public vote, the finalists are voted on by a judges panel of 25 for most awards and a separate panel of six for creative awards.

The panel itself accounts for 75 percent of the final vote, while the community vote makes up the other 25, except in the case of the “Community” category, where the community vote counts for 100 percent of the overall vote. The panel information is open to the public, as the website states, “The Judging Process for the Esports Awards is one of the most transparent and stringent procedures of its kind.”

The date of the awards is yet to be announced, and we will update this article once it is. There is also a question of how the awards will be presented due to COVID-19, but regardless of how, viewers will be able to watch the awards on the Esports Awards Twitch channel.

What is Stropse Doing?

The short answer: a lot of things.

The longer answer is also: a lot of things. We will be covering the awards, providing results and updates as they come in – be sure to check back here on and after awards night for more updates.

However, that’s not all we’re doing. We pride ourselves in putting our community first, and these awards highlight people, so we want to highlight them too. We will be interviewing the finalists and publishing articles and profiles so you can learn more about them. We’ll also be updating this article as a central hub for all your Esports Awards questions.

We are excited for the event and look forward to bringing you the coverage you deserve.

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