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We’re Tripping Over Ourselves for Fall Guys

Have you ever wanted to be on a gameshow? What about one where you’re shot at with giant fruit flying out of a cannon? Mediatonic and Devolver Digital’s new title Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout offers an incredibly fun and interactive battle royale style experience with cute blob characters fighting for a chance at the title. And yes, there is giant fruit.

Photo Courtesy of DevolverDigital

Seemingly overnight, Twitch users took to their streams and showed the world this vibrant, colorful, and overall cartoonishly fun new game. The gaming community flocked to their steam accounts as millions of players wanted to try out this new game taking the world by storm. It was so popular on launch day that the servers overloaded.

So what exactly is Fall Guys? Set in the style of a gameshow, the game allows players to take control of small humanoid blob-like creatures as they compete through a series of increasingly difficult and sometimes downright weird challenges in order to win each episode. Each fall guy can be customized with a different color palette and numerous costumes to choose from.

It’s virtual Takeshi’s Castle.

The challenges players participate in are randomly chosen before each round and range from climbing a hill while dodging the aforementioned fruit cannons to chasing players around a map in order to secure a literal tail. At the end of each round, only a certain number of people “qualify,” either by being within the allotted limit of players allowed to cross the finish line or having the most points during team battles. Whoever wins is safe for the next round, but those eliminated get shoved off a ledge to a plinko-style bumper system below, ending their run of the episode. There are no “lives” or limited number of tries, so if you lose, you can just enter the next lobby to keep trying with different players.

There is also a leveling system in the game where after each episode, whether you win or lose, you get experience points. After gaining enough, you gain levels, which allows you to buy more costumes and color palettes for your Fall Guy. The more you win, the higher level you get, the more stuff you can customize.

At the moment, the game is only available on PS4 and Steam and is entirely multiplayer, but the developers have not said anything definitive on whether it will arrive on other platforms. They have made continuous updates since launch, such as adding a Team Fortress 2 outfit as a thank you to players who dealt with the launch issues. They also banned the use of Steam usernames as players were using them to exploit the UI and display offensive language. As Fall Guys is rated E for Everyone, that wasn’t going to fly.

While there may have been a few hiccups, the game has garnered massive success in its few short weeks of existence, cultivated a large following with an absurd number of players, and provided an enjoyable and fun experience for everyone involved. Like everything on the internet, there are already many wonderful memes about the game, including parody songs.
Want to learn more? Visit for updates, news, and more information. You can also purchase a steam key on their website.

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