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What to Look Forward to in the Stardew Valley 1.5 Update

It’s easy to lose track of time playing games. I have a notorious vice: it’s called ‘1,400+ hours logged in Stardew Valley.’ And even if you’ve never heard of this farming sim, now may be a great time to get into it (or back into it, in my case,) as developer ConcernedApe has been teasing out information about the free 1.5 update coming soon, celebrating the game’s 4 year anniversary. From split-screen multiplayer to new endgame content, there’s plenty to unpack, to grab your bus tickets, and let’s take a trip to Grandpa’s old farm. 

Stardew Valley
Courtesy of ConcernedApe

To start off, news of this 1.5 update started shortly after Stardew Valley’s 4 year anniversary, when the primary programer and creator of Stardew Valley, Eric Barone, aka ConcernedApe, tweeted the following: 

As the number might imply, this isn’t the first free update that Stardew Valley has received over the years, with major content updates adding new farms and functions such as the ever popular multiplayer update, which allowed up to four players to play together on a single farm, helping to bring many people back to the game. As ConcernedApe has said, he doesn’t have any plans for paid DLC, so 1.5 is most likely to also be a free update first coming for the PC versions of the game. 

This update in particular looks to be a content-heavy update, with hints at a new tropical biome for players to explore and possibly plant on. Starting in April, ConcernedApe hosted a poll for players to pick what new fruiting tree would be incorporated into the game, with Banana being the winning fruit (as a note, all the listed fruit trees were tropical fruits, leading credence to the tropical themes.)

Two months after that, there seems to be a new door in the back of the fishermen Willy’s shop, and confirmation about there being more end-game content in store for the update. Perhaps a way to travel off the sandy shores of Pelican Town, given the boat-like symbol above the door?

While there’s been some sparser tweets of smaller features (you can move your bed!) and sneak peaks of one of the new areas shown above, the most recent update is from October 16th, showing the long awaited split screen co-op! This may also show a snippet of an unfamiliar farm type on the right hand screen, reminiscent of the Calico Desert biome unlocked by the bus. There are also a couple new items visible in the players quick bars, and new machines in the farm on the right, which we don’t yet know the functions of. 

Overall, there’s a lot to look forward to in the new update. While there’s no confirmed release date as of yet, fans speculate that it may come as soon as the end of the month, with others predicting a delay due to the pandemic affecting the release schedule. There’s also a good chance that the first we hear of the release date will be when it has been released, and not a moment sooner, so keep your eyes peeled, and dust off your watering can. 

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