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What was Released in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 13

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 13 has been released as of December 21st. Before the release, Activision got players hyped by revealing details of the upcoming features. Let’s get deeper into the highlights.

Photo courtesy of Activision

The snow theme is now available for player use. The new map Nuketown Russia was announced earlier with a snow-covered new design. Holiday Raid has also been added to the new map pool. To sum up, CoD: Mobile is covered in snow since winter is here!

A new multiplayer mode named “Grind” has also been announced. In the company’s words, Grind combines the rules of Kill Confirmed and Hardpoint to create tactical chaos at its finest. Players will be able to confirm kills by picking up dog tags from fallen players and transport them to set locations around the map. Having a strong duel skill will help players in the score table.

Photo courtesy of Activision

Reaching Tier 14 in the Battle Pass will unlock the free EMP Systems Scorestreak. This will eventually disable enemy electronics, attachments, tacticals and Scorestreaks. Unless the other player has Hard Wired equipped, the Scorestreak will be able to disrupt the enemy HUD. Besides Tier 14, at Tier 21 players will be able to unlock a new weapon that has been around during Black Ops 3 era, the Peacekeeper MK2 assault rifle.

A rocket-powered snowboard will also be available for player use. This feature will be located in Battle Royale’s Isolated map. It will be stored in the character’s backpack and offers other cool stuff like 360° and 720° tricks.

Lastly, by completing weekly challenges players will be able to secure new perks and a new SMG weapon. We will see the player feedback for these changes over the next couple of days.

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