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Which Colorful Brawl Stars Character is the Best? My Top Brawl Stars Brawlers

As a longtime player of Brawl Stars, I’ve seen the game go through multiple developments. From quality of life changes to multiple balance changes, Brawl Stars has come a long way since its early inception. With a colorful cast of brawlers, it is really hard to pick the top ones. From the firebreating Amber to the hunter Bo and every character in between, this roster is stacked with unique characters to play. Here are my top 10 Brawl Stars brawlers.

Brawl Stars
All photos courtesy of Supercell

Honorable Mention – Shelly

Shelly is the heroine of the game. She’s the first brawler you unlock when you download the game and she’s probably one of the most memorable. With her Super Shell super that destroys terrain and knocks enemies back as well as her ability to fire multiple projectiles with increasing damage, Shelly is an easy brawler to pick-up and a great introductory character.

10. Carl

Coming in at Number 10 is the geologist Carl. Carl is an adorable scientist who loves rocks and uses his pickaxe to make new discoveries. What makes him unique is his basic attack, a boomerang. He throws his pickaxe, which allows him to damage enemies with a quick reload speed. In addition, his super, Tailspin, makes Carl a literal Beyblade(™) dealing damage while spinning around in his minecart. He is a fun brawler and his quirky personality makes him a laugh while playing the game.

9. Brock

Next is Brock, who reminds me of a gamer. He always complains about lag, brags about impossible shots and is an overall strong brawler. He mounts a rocket launcher with some of the longest range in the game. Personally, I find sniping an enemy with one of Brock’s missiles hilarious. But his Rocket Rain super is a game-changer, firing a barrage of rockets while providing crowd control; what’s more, this can be combined with his Incendiary Star Power, setting fire to the battlefield. While Brock is definitely one of the more difficult brawlers on this list, he is one of the most rewarding at the same time.

8. Surge

Brawl Stars has an energy-drink powered robot. OK: that says enough. But if you need more convincing, Surge is a tanky bot that fires energy drink projectiles that split in two, hitting multiple enemies. He is one of the most mechanically interesting fighters, with his super providing him up to three different upgrades that increase his movement speed, attack range and projectile type. Surge is a lot of fun and a total party animal.

7. Emz

#Emz. #Is. #So. #Fun. Oh, sorry. I was checking Twitter. But Emz is a social media crazed Zombie that cares more about her looks than how her enemies are. Her main attacks are sprays of her hairspray that deal poison overtime. Need more proof? She will #destroy you with her super which creates an AOE slow and DOT. A super crowd control star which will make haters hate even more.

6. Frank

Speaking of the undead: let me introduce you to Frank. Frank is a simple brawler that swings his hammer in a cone that deals a lot of damage. His super is the same with a long range stun. But why is he on this list you may ask? Well, he has this star power called Sponge which gives him 1100 health. That may not sound like a lot, but his base health at max power without the super is at a record high with 8960 HP, the most in the game. This gives him over 10,000 health without any modifiers. That’s a big deal.

5. Gale

This spring, Brawl Stars made a huge change with the addition of the Brawl Pass, a reward-based pass that unlocks exclusive content and easier ways to progress through the game. Gale was the first exclusive brawler from the pass and for an old man, he packs a few tricks. He has snow-powered abilities with a large hitbox and his super knock backs enemies and stuns them if they hit a wall. But his Gadget, Spring Ejector, creates a launchpad for the entire game, which is a huge tool in 3v3 maps when you have to make quick getaways. It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks.

4. Tara

At number 3 is the Psychic Tara. Tara is on this list for her love of cards like me. She uses cards similar to Twisted Fate in League of Legends that deal increased damage. Her super also draws from League, causing a gravity well to appear in the center of a small radius pulling enemies in and dealing an immense amount of damage. Yet it’s these mechanics and her psychic abilities to see through brush and create shadows of herself with her Gadgets and Star Powers that really provide enemies a hard time and makes her a mistress in the battlefield.

3. Spike

The unofficial mascot of Brawl Stars, Spike is a happy little cactus that does immense damage. He throws little cacti grenades that shoot off and deal damage when broken off. His super is perhaps the strongest in the game, placing an area of spikes on the battlefield and causing enemies to be slowed and damaged when they step on it. Spike is a powerhouse of the meta and always will be the last smiling face you see on the battlefield.

2. Crow

At number two is Crow. Crow was the first brawler I unlocked outside of the Trophy Road characters, and when the game was first released, I knew Crow was one of the characters I wanted to unlock. This flying menace is a mob boss in crow form, dealing poison daggers that deal increased damage the closer one is to an enemy as well as overtime poison. His super causes Crow to jump high in the air and launch a flurry of daggers as he takes off and lands. Crow is a classic Brawl Stars character and one not to turn a blind eye to.

1. Poco

And finally, the number one brawler on my list is Poco. If you have read my past work, you know how much I love music. Poco is a musician that uses his guitar to strum out music to deal damage. But he is also a healer. With two of the strongest forms of healing, his super and arguably the strongest Star Power in the game in Da Capo, Poco terrorizes with healing capabilities and damages.

Whatever your top 10 fighters may be, one thing’s for sure: this colorful beat ’em up game is not one miss. Get your copy of Brawl Stars today.

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