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Top 10 League Champions Played Most by Pros in 2020

With over 150 champions in League of Legends, professional players have shown a wide variety of skills. However, when looking at 2020 as a whole, some champions see more play than others. With help from OraclesElixer, I bring you the top 10 champions most seen in professional play.

For this list, I pulled from the four major regions (North America, Europe, Korea and China) and data from the first patch of Spring 2020 (10.1) to the current patch at the time of writing (July 29, 2020). I looked at most games played, Pick/Ban Percentage and pulled unique stats depending on the champion and its presence across competitive play.

#10 – Zoe (332 games played as a Mid Laner)

Which League Champion is Most Played by Pros in 2020?
Courtesy of Riot Games

Kicking off our list at #10 is the Aspect of Twilight herself, Zoe. While she is not the most impressive champion on our stats list, she has surmounted herself as the most frustrating mid-laner to play against in competitive. With a high kill participation of 71%, her Sleepy Trouble Bubbles have landed herself at the #10 on our list.

#9 – Thresh (353 games played as a Support)

Courtesy of Riot Games

Everyone has seen a decent Thresh in solo queue, but in professional play, Thresh is king. Thresh is a staple in competitive play as the support role, a champion who can either start a fight, help an enemy, or peel for the AD Carry. At 2931 assists in Professional Play, Death Sentences fly in all directions with this chain warden. 

#8 – Ezreal (380 games played as an AD Carry)

Courtesy of Riot Games

During the Summer Split, Ezreal has found himself as one of the premier AD Carries. Many ADCs across the world have been playing Ezreal as a scaling marksman to carry teams into the late game. With an impressive 67.8% kill participation and a global ultimate, Ezreal is a force to be reckoned with.

#7 – Aatrox (388 games played as a Top Laner)

Courtesy of Riot Games

From the premiere of the rework in 2018 to modern day, Aatrox the Darkin has had his fair share of competitive play. While players like TheShy made Aatrox into the montage monster we all know him for, his success over the course of 2020 has been made extremely apparent.

#6 – Trundle (397 games played as a Jungler)

Courtesy of Riot Games

If you play Trundle, are you technically trolling around? I’ll stop with the bad jokes: Trundle is an exceptional pick in the jungle. Serving the purpose of the ultimate tank shredder, Trundle’s presence is known, especially in a tank-centric meta. In addition, Trundle players are the first to strike with a First Blood percentage of 41%. The King of Trolls is the beast of the jungle in 2020 League of Legends.

#5 – Miss Fortune (435 games played as an AD Carry)

Courtesy of Riot Games

It’s nice to see another marksman outside the usual suspects of Ashe and Ezreal make this list. Miss Fortune dominated the Spring Split with her ability to crit off abilities and the massive waves of Bullet Time. She also does 27.8% of her team’s damage, an impressive feat for the bounty hunter.

#4 – Ornn (444 games played as a Top Laner)

Courtesy of Riot Games

Top lane meta filled with carry top laners? Pick Ornn. Need a frontline? Pick Ornn. Love getting scaling items for free? Pick Ornn. Get what I’m saying? Ornn is the premiere top lane frontline. His Call of the Forge God is a game-changer in team fights and has seen play since his debut in 2017. In addition, his Living Forge passive upgrades just break the game right open post-level 14. In summary: just pick Ornn.

#3 – Lee Sin (473 games played as a Jungler)

Courtesy of Riot Games

Perhaps the most infamous jungler in League history, Lee Sin is a staple in competitive play going back as long as the inSec days of League. There are multiple reasons why Lee Sin is still picked today: flashy plays, immediate access into the backline of a team, highlight reels, and just raw skill. Some of the best junglers in the world including IG’s Ning, GenG’s Clid, Team Liquid’s Broxah and Cloud9’s Blaber all have had moments on the Lee Sin. It’s hard to see why he wouldn’t be in the Top 10.

#2 – Nautilus (548 games played as a Support)

Courtesy of Riot Games

Coming in at number 2 is perhaps my personal favorite on the list as well as a premiere support: the Titan of the Depths. Nautilus is the CC behemoth with CC in nearly every aspect of his kit. With over 3800 assists across the major regions as well as synergy with numerous AD Carries, Nautilus is the most versatile support in the game.

#1 – Aphelios (617 games played as an AD Carry)

Courtesy of Riot Games

Despite multiple nerfs, The Weapon of the Faithful remains the most popular pick and the most highlight-reel-worthy. With an impressive 92.6% Pick/Ban percentage over the four major regions, Aphelios is a heavy threat on any team. Carrying along a “200 Years” meme, Aphelios has the single capability to turn entire games around thanks to its ability to switch weapons mid-fight while also using his Moonlight Vigil ultimate to cause chaos and extreme outplays.

These were the top 10 champions seen in 2020. Looking forward to 2021.

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