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Which Lifepath to Choose in Cyberpunk 2077

Before you’re able to customize your Cyberpunk 2077 character’s appearance, attributes, and genital size, you are given the task of setting up their affiliated past. The three available Lifepaths to choose from are Nomad, Streetkid, and Corpo.

This decision mainly affects the prologue of the story. Whichever Lifepath you choose will drop you into a different setting, inevitably leading you to meet your close partner Jackie. At this point, the different prologues converge to the campaign while your Lifepath continues to influence your character’s behavior throughout the game. 

Besides influencing your prologue mission, your Lifepath affects your social status, your dialogue options, side quest chains, the clothes you start out with, and the characters that you meet. Your origins also allow you to build relationships with characters of similar backgrounds. A good way to look at choosing a Lifepath is not only to think about who you want to be, but also who you want your friends to be.

You can’t change your Lifepath unless you start a new game, so it would be wise to make a careful decision. However, there aren’t any dramatic downsides to choosing one Lifepath over another. Regardless of your decision, the majority of the game will be the same. If you’re having trouble deciding which Lifepath to choose, here is a quick rundown.


Courtesy of CD Projekt Red

The Nomads reside on the deserted outskirts of the city known as the Badlands. They possess a disdain for citylife and the ruling class. Life for them is filled with spiritual freedom, but it also comes with its struggles. Living on the road causes Nomads to resort to looting scrap yards and raiding fuel depots to sustain themselves. 

The Nomad prologue mission begins in the arid landscape of the Badlands as your character is given the mission to smuggle some cargo across the city line. Nomads have a strong moral code that helps to get on people’s good side, benefitting you throughout the course of the campaign. However, your dialogue choices will reflect how removed a Nomad is from the culture of citylife. 


Courtesy of CD Projekt Red

Streetkids are a product of their environment. They were raised within the streets of Night City, surrounded by the small-time affairs of the concrete jungle involving gangs and drug pushers. Streetkids are used to butting heads for what they believe in and standing their ground against anybody that threatens their friends and family. 

The Streetkid prologue places you in the middle of the city and provides you with a glimpse of the rising tension between opposing gangs. Your fighting spirit gets you into a bar brawl and your loyalty gets you involved in a carjacking in order to help your friend going through money troubles. The primary benefits of being a Streetkid are that you carry plentiful knowledge of the city, have local gang members as contacts, and have generational connections in Night City. All of this will prove useful while advancing in the campaign.


Courtesy of CD Projekt Red

The Corpo is the antithesis to the Nomad in every perceivable way. You belong to the upper echelon of the corporate world. Corpos are basically the 1% of Night City. Greed is the oxygen that they breathe, making it difficult for them to trust each other. Their intentions are for their own betterment and they will not hesitate to turn on their peers if needed. Corpos are equipped with elite persuasion skills, which would give you the advantage of obtaining what you want without much use of explicit force.

The Corpo prologue mission plops you into the pinnacle class as a counterintelligence agent for the Arasaka Corporation. Providing yourself with this background gives you a better understanding of the role that the nefarious Arasaka Corporation plays in the grand scheme of things. Playing as a Corpo means that you care more about getting things done no matter the collateral damage.

No matter your Lifepath, one thing is for sure: Cyberpunk 2077 is well worth the purchase. Check this game out sometime soon and walk your own path.

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