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Who are the Sponsors of Gaming?

You may be surprised at the amount of big-name companies that are funding the gaming scene, and you just might be impressed to know who owns what in esports. 

You know a lot of names on this list, but what you might not know is the lengths they go to ensure they aren’t left out on the biggest events of the year. Some of them even have beverages that are official partners for huge esports series, further syncing the names together. 


Photo courtesy of BeverageDaily

That “official beverage” stuff I was talking about. It’s Coke, and it’s a huge sponsor for League of Legends. Last year, though, they did sign a $5,000,000 deal with Overwatch and stated that Coke was the official drink for the sport. Recently, they claimed they were looking to spend $750,000,000 for sponsorships in the industry. For a company that’s worth $70 billion, investing high amounts every year most likely won’t be a problem. 

U.S Airforce

Photo courtesy of USAF

Did you expect to see a military branch on this list? Sponsoring Cloud9 for CS:GO was a huge move for them, and they’ve since paired up with companies like Intel for huge events. They don’t spend terribly much, as the budget for the esports industry is limited. They spent $1,000,000 this year as sponsors, and we can’t help but wonder what specific team they’ll support next.

Mountain Dew

Photo courtesy of AdWeek

I can’t tell you how much Mountain Dew I drank to get those Double XP codes when Black Ops II dropped, but I can tell you I don’t regret it. Mountain Dew shifted their flavor focus to us gamers, and they’ve been in the industry for an impressive 18 years. Mountain Dew has earned Pepsi billions (over $100 billion, honestly), so when they dropped over $100,000,000 in ‘17 for sponsorships, it was just pocket change. 


Photo courtesy of Disney

The Mouse loved Overwatch so much when it became a hit that not only did it want to invest in the sport, it wanted a hand in the broadcasting rights, all-but-dictating where the event would be broadcasted. Its Marvel department has seen some edports action as well, recently partnering up with Team Liquid, who won the 2017 Internationals. The team was spotted wearing jerseys designed around some of the Marvel Superheros. 

These gaming sponsors are not only keeping up, they’re quite literally ahead of the game. Stay tuned for the next wave of big-budget esports sponsors to emerge.

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