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Who Are The Top 5 Mobile Content Creators?

Everyone’s got a smartphone, but that doesn’t mean that everyone knows the top mobile content creators out there. When it comes to mobile gamers, which creators are the biggest?

I get it. You might think that mobile-gaming is second hand, but if you’ve read my previous article about mobile gaming, you know that it’s a multi-billion dollar industry and diversifies the esports series. These content creators are the biggest out there and are partially responsible for much of the genre’s popularity. 


498k Subscribers

Courtesy of iBot

HawksNest is well known for streaming CoD Mobile and made a bit of a name for himself showcasing his skills. He has over 600 videos on his channel devoted to the mobile game. He doesn’t just stream the game but has a website devoted to the entire game which features reviews on guns and maps. You’ll also find some tips there to help you sharpen your gameplay. 


6.29 Million Subscribers

Courtesy of TalkESport

He’s a professional player that holds the record for the most concurrent views during a PUBGM stream. Not only is he known for his team role in Team Soul, he was also nominated for Streamer of the Year. 


152k Subscribers

Courtesy of AdamXlegend, Youtube

This Fortnite Mobile creator was publicly criticized on Twitter by Ninja and proved him wrong. He made a video where he completed a pro course made by none other than Mongraal. It would see him having to edit buildings to pass through all while keeping a constant sprint. He did this on an iPad, and to prove that he wasn’t using a gamepad, he recorded his hands going at it on the iPad. The side-by-side mashups checked out, and the YouTuber gained some serious respect from the Fortnite elite. 


1.08 Million Subscribers

Courtesy of JackfrostMiner, Twitter

With over 1,500 Minecraft videos on his channel, JFM is certainly an expert in the game. He has massive playlists that go from survival maps with friends to some role-playing videos. A good portion of his catalog is from over 2 years ago, but still rakes in a decent amount of views.


237k Subscribers

Courtesy of wowhobbs, Twitter

If you’re a Hearthstone fan, you might want to check this channel out. He has close to 2,000 videos to his name on the channel, though not all of them are Hearthstone-centered. He shows off custom decks and even gives opinions and commentary for a myriad of cards and plays. If you’re a fan of W.O.W, then you’ll be pleased to know he has many classic videos organized into a playlist. 

These are just some examples of the multitudes of mobile gamers out there. Be sure to check out this diverse group when you get the chance.

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