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Whoops… Videos Show New Apex Legend Hero Early Leak

The new season of Apex Legends may be a month away, but a new character that will be added to the game has been found early. For those who do not know the game, Apex Legends is a battle royale that got its claim to fame by having different playable characters with different powers that could be useful in different circumstances. Queuing up with a squad of different characters characters added variety to your team through a wide array of powers.

Courtesy of EA

The character that is rumored to be added is named Horizon. This came as a surprise to players, as most fans were expecting another character named Valk to be the next addition to the game.

Videos such as the one linked above were leaked which is why fans are pretty certain that Horizon will be the next character added to the game. In the video there is no sound, but we can see Horizon talking to the player one-on-one. There have been no further leaks on what Horizon’s powers or backstory could be, which is a little disappointing as she seems like an interesting character. But fear not: I bet that there will be more information coming out about her in no time. My best guess is that she is some kind of mechanic and her powers come from her intelligence. Us at Stropse are excited to see this old game still has some life left in it. To those of you that still play, what is your favorite character added so far and what do you all think about this leak?

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