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Why I’m Excited About the Call of the Mountain Expansion for Legends of Runeterra

During this quarantine, I picked up Legends of Runeterra, Riot Games’ digital card game. I was immediately hooked. As someone who never played games like MTG Online or Hearthstone, Legends of Runeterra combines my favorite characters of League of Legends with ever-expanding lore, intense strategy building, and gorgeous artwork. Four months after my obsession, Riot is releasing “Call of the Mountain,” an expansion series containing some of the most game-breaking cards and insane champions seen in the game yet. I am very excited for this expansion, and you should be, too.

Targon Logo courtesy of Riot Games

Some of League’s most famous champions are added

As previously eluded to, Legends of Runeterra takes some of League’s most famous characters and places them in a new light. Champions like Lux, Swain, Braum and Kalista have not only been added to the game, but had constant top-meta finishes according to Mobalytics. In this patch and future expansions down the road, seven new champions will be added. They include Leona, Trundle, Diana, Taric, Lulu, Nocturne and Aurelion Sol. Each one of these characters brings new depth to the ever-growing lore of League of Legends as well as gorgeously designed artwork.

Key Strategy Updates

As with every major card game, new archetypes are released that revolutionize game strategy. Daybreak and Nightfall create new strategies to maximize the timing of cards effectively, and Invoke cards scry a Celestial card from a pool of cards to add to your hand. Cards with Behold allow you to keep your strongest and expensive cards while giving weaker cards more advantages. Finally, cards with Fury and Spellshields make your allies either immune to effects or powerful upon death. Each of these new terms increase game strategies for the future.

New Synergies

With each patch also comes new support for archetypes. Love the furry Poros? The Poro Cannon gives new strength to the fluffy mascots. Shadow Isles get some support through Stalking Shadows. Even current meta themes such as Twisted Fate and Ezreal get new tools with the help of the newer released champions and other archetypes.
With new support being released every month, Call of the Mountain is an incredible addition to the Runeterra series. For Runeterra fans, there are only good things to come.

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