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Why Nintendo Killed The Xbox 360 GoldenEye Port

We all know Nintendo is strict when it comes to their products. You probably remember the controversy where they were forcing Youtubers to split profits from videos based on their games, but this incident saw an entire franchise locked away.

Golden Eye
Gameplay screenshot courtesy of The Mirror

A recent leak on 4chan points the finger at Nintendo for scrapping the Xbox 360 port of the gaming classic GoldenEye. Not only that, but the information is being kept guarded by a hoarder, who’s protecting it with a 100-character password. Brute force for getting the information isn’t an option, for those thinking to go that route. 

The user also claims that there were multiple Xbox Development kits for the game that were returned without being properly dumped first.

So Why Was It Scrapped?

The problem emerged as a result of Nintendo attempting to preserve the integrity of the original. It’d be a huge blow to see the game doing better on the 360, which had significantly better hardware at the time. Nintendo would see the original played on Wii VC, and the 360 would get the HD port.

The GoldenEye Remake

It wasn’t until 2010 that Microsoft and Nintendo agreed to have the game remade and feature the game across multiple platforms. It wasn’t that Nintendo had rights to the James Bond franchise as a whole, just a “broad license” for the N64 original, so James Bond games were fairly common on every platform at the time. 

The game didn’t do too badly, but it wasn’t the game that the original fans were crossing their fingers for. They released an enhanced port of the game a year later, which still saw moderate success. 

Gameplay screenshot courtesy of Youtube


You can’t blame Nintendo for not wanting the lesser-quality version of their own game. Now, though, it’s on Nintendo to create a legitimate GoldenEye remake, which would be killer for the current-gen consoles and would look great on the Switch.

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