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Why the Pandemic Has Been Good for the Gaming Industry

2020 has been a mess. There: I said it. That being said, this year has been very good for the gaming world. People are playing absurd amounts of video games and the industry has been booming.

Courtesy of Future Publishing via Getty Images

With many people either working from home or unemployed, it seems that now more than ever folks are enjoying plugging in their headset and getting on to game. With a total of 11.6 billion dollars spent on games so far this year, people in the United States have spent more money on esports than ever before. This is just in pandemic-era America, so one can only imagine how much the rest of the world is spending. While most of the money is being spent on the video games themselves, there is still a large amount of money being spent on video game accessories such as chairs, headphones and consoles. Sony has stated that PlayStation software has doubled during the pandemic.

So, what does this mean for the future of gaming? Someday (hopefully) the pandemic will be over, and life will go back to being relatively normal. Will the rise in video games go back as well? I say no. Before the pandemic, I was a still a gamer, but did not play too much. Ever since the pandemic started I have enjoyed getting on Xbox live with my boys and running Warzone. With all of us affected by the pandemic in different ways, we all have plenty of time to come together and get those wins. I for one refuse to go back to the days where I wasn’t getting on nightly and playing video games with my friends, it has become so important of an activity for me.

I see this being the case for a lot of people. “Me and the boys” Call of Duty memes have taken over the internet and I don’t see them leaving anytime soon. Playing video games with your friends has become more than a hobby, it has become a cultural phenomenon, a lifestyle so to speak. Humans will instinctively try to find the bright side of situations and for the year 2020, video games have seemingly become that bright side, respite from an otherwise dark place.

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