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Why Warner Bros. Keep Turning Successful Films Into Video Games

If you’ve seen it on the big screen or read it as a graphic novel, there’s a high chance you’ll be playing and interacting with the story. Warner Bros is no stranger to taking movies and popular comics and placing them in our download list. Is there a commonality in all their projects?

Courtesy of WB Interactive Entertainment

Starting in 1903, Warner Brothers established themselves as the “Top 5” when it comes to entertainment. With multiple companies under their belt, they own everything from Cartoon Network to DC Comics themselves, even merchandising rights for LOTR. This means they have no shortage of material to pull ideas from, and many of them were hit after hit. 

Not every game is based on a movie franchise. When the Injustice issues hit the shelves and started seeing huge success, they didn’t hesitate to get started on a video game to bring the story to gamers. When the video game released, it was the most sold game for the month of its debut. It sold almost a quarter of a million copies within the first month. The comic series saw a good bit of revitalization from the game, which gave WB the go-ahead to greenlight the next series.

Courtesy of TT Games

The Lego Movies took the child demographic by storm, reaping in $461.87 million dollars. Since the Lego games franchise had already been well-established for over a decade, it seemed like a bright idea to create and market the video game counter to kids. The game was a moderate success in the eyes of critics, but still managed to get a healthy number of sales in. 

Harry Potter is no exception to this either. There has been a video game that goes along with every single movie that Warner Brothers has made with the franchise, and even though many saw some criticism, they still sold enough to greenlight future installments.

So Why?

Aside from cashing out on trending franchises, it’s a very good way to revitalize them. Making video games based on franchises from other mediums allows it to be told so in a way where we can interact with them instead of just observing it happen in front of us. We get new or old and beloved characters in new stories that strengthen our connection with the universe. It works well to diversify your content, and when you have companies that range from children’s TV shows to more adult-oriented comics, you have a lot of material you can introduce to that medium.  

This has trickled down from console games to mobile, where they are aggressively pushing out a number of titles to be played in a mainly-free entry market. 

You can expect to see more franchise-based games moving forward as the DCEU becomes more fleshed out.

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