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Why Your Warzone Success Depends On Your Loadout

Warzone is the one game mode where you’re going to meet try-hards at almost every turn. Why wouldn’t you? With over 100 players on the map, you’re going to have to be one yourself if you even want to come close to that coveted top 10, and it all starts at the loadout. Whether it’s Plunder, Rumble, or Solos up to Squads, your loadout has to be on point if you want your time with the big dogs.

Why Your Warzone Success Depends On Your Loadout
Courtesy of Activision


Start by really finding a gun that sings to you. Every time you squeeze that trigger you want it to sound as loud and beautiful as an opera singer hitting those high notes, and you can’t do that with a gun you have little to no experience with. There are a few guns that can solidify your placement right off the bat, provided you’re familiar. To find this feeling, first and foremost, I recommend the game mode Plunder. Plunder is one of my preferred game modes since, when I die, I can come back, allowing me to test out weapons I’m curious about before I take them into Solos. It’s a great game mode to find out just what weapon and perks “sing” to me.

It’s no secret that guns with high rate of fire and decent damage can shred through a squad’s armor like paper. You’re going to need a gun that not only fires fast, but also has manageable recoil so you can quickly set those sites back on the enemy player. Not every gun in the game is going to match those requirements as well as you think.

The FAL is one of the most underrated guns I’ve come across in Warzone. This may be because it’s only a “meh” gun in some COD games, but with the proper attachments, it turns some players into living salt factories. We’re talking “faster-ttk-than-the-Oden” good. God have mercy on the players in your lobby if you pick up that pretty purple FAL.

Slap on an integral hybrid, compensator, commando foregrip with a burst accompanied by the XRK marksmanship on that bad boy and watch the enemy team apologize after you send their buddy to the Gulag. They might not say it right off the bat, but when it goes from a full squad to one guy blocking the exits with C4, they don’t even have to.


Take the time to really give that sniper class you like a chance to shine, but make sure not to go for any high-level optics. A x12 scope sounds great in theory, but you won’t see as many enemies with that as you will with a thermal optic.  Unless the player has cold-blooded, not only will you see them right off the bat, you’ll also spend less time bird-watching through the terrain. Also, be sure to keep higher-round mags stocked up. You are going to miss a few shots, and having seven instead of five can keep the tide in your favor.

Of course, when it comes to snipers, you’re going to have to practice more on controlling those shots. These are punishing guns for a reason, but they are less so when in the hands of someone who’s only good at quick-scoping. Good luck with that on a target that’s over 400 meters away. If you’re having trouble with a sniper class, just replace it with the FAL. It’s going to be deadly accurate, fire off more rounds quickly, and you don’t have to worry about finding the team after that harsh recoil.


Keep your eyes on SMGs. These guns are made to pump out as many bullets as possible in the smallest amount of time. The MP5 is golden for Warzone, just like it been for pretty much every COD game since Black Ops. Compensator, 45-round mags, ranger foregrip, and sleight of hand makes this gun a better option than the M4 at close range, and anyone who’s used the M4 knows just how OP the gun was before (and after) the recent patch. Don’t bother with a scope; it’s a near-sighted gun for a reason. If you try and land shots that are over 50 meters, you’re going to have a bad time.

Also, make sure your guns are opposite one another. If you have a long-range gun, then there’s no reason for you not to have a close-range one as well (provided you have overkill). Pop a few shots off with that sniper or marksman rifle then polish them off with a hail of bullets from an SMG or shotgun (Model 680 is brutal in hallways.)


Snapshot grenades are perfect for reconning that room giving you the jitters, and a frag is always a nice follow-up to get that outline you were worried about. On the note of reconning, if you aren’t running around with a heartbeat monitor, you’ve been scamming yourself of some sweet TTK’s and high placements. Its one job is to detect any rival player within a certain radius of you, and not only does it give you their direction, it also gives you their exact distance. It is almost a commandment to have one of these in your squad, and you need to do whatever you can to protect the guy who has it.

Perks are just as important as the gun you are running with. Think of your loadout as a secondary team: the whole layout has to work well with itself if you want a noteworthy game. The Sniper/SMG loadout can’t happen without overkill, which allows you to carry two primary weapons. Ghost is going to keep you off UAV’s and heartbeat monitors like cold-blooded will keep you out of thermal optics.

You’re going to have to swap out some perks you “think” are good to those that are actually good. Tracker is great for finding out where the enemy is going, but would you rather find out their direction or ping them and the team through a wall before hacking one of their mines? It’s questions like these that you need to ask yourself when constructing your loadout. While every game is going to be different from the last one, you can bet there are going to be many similarities that perks can help you with.

In Conclusion

Your loadout is essential to success in Warzone, and in BR modes, you’re talking $6000 to get your custom loadout. Nothing hurts worse than spending that money and getting spanked because you don’t have a proper Warzone loadout. Your loadout is a team. If it can’t work well together, you won’t work well with your team, either. 

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