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Winter Theme Coming To Call of Duty Mobile Soon

Activision uses social media channels pretty effectively, often stirring up hype by sharing game content. Call of Duty: Mobile’s Twitter account is a big example. On December 12th, a new picture was published which includes a place with a snow theme. This made players think it will soon be a new area located on the map. 

Call of Duty Mobile
Photo courtesy of Activision

Activision has not clarified any further details about the teaser. As you can see in the tweet, we have to wait for the next season to see what this picture means. With this information, we can only assume that it is a new location. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 13 will be out on December 21st. At first, Activision said that the new season was going to be out on December 17th, but after some time, the company expanded the Season 12 Season Pass to December 20th. This allowed the public test to be examined more for all the bugs and glitches. The new season will bring new weapons and other cool stuff.

To sum up, Call of Duty: Mobile players were pretty excited about this picture, and the tweet got so many interactions. Looks like we will have to wait for the next season since the company stated that the picture’s matter will be exposed at that time. Let’s see if it is a new location on the already-played map or something even bigger!

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