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Winter Wonderland Event Returns to Overwatch

Prepare your winter clothes players, because Overwatch’s lovely event Winter Wonderland is returning to the game. Blizzard has announced that the event will be available between December 15th and January 5th. Don’t look at me like that; go get your gloves.

Blizzard revealed the occasion with a trailer which takes place in Ecopoint, Antarctica and shows a nest full of eggs while Mei’s robot flies above it. In the end, Winter Wonderland’s date is shown.

Courtesy of Blizzard

Mei has always been at the forefront in Winter Wonderland events thanks to her character design, and this year was no different. The first special skin to be added to Overwatch within the occasion will be Penguin Mei, Blizzard revealed on its social media channels with a video clip yesterday. You can obtain this pretty skin starting today, December 15th.

Even though additional details about Winter Wonderland 2020 haven’t been given yet, players can estimate what’s waiting for them because Blizzard has been holding this event every year since 2016. In previous years, new mods such as Mei’s Snowball Offensive, Yeti Hunter and Winter Mystery were added to the game, and they’re expected to be available again. 

If you are a fresh Overwatch player and don’t know what you should expect, know that you’re going to encounter so many new skins, mods, emotes, victory poses, sprays, intros and voice lines in Winter Wonderland 2020, but remember, these will be only available for a limited time; you can only purchase them until January 5th.

Be ready to hunt some enemies down with snowballs.

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