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Xbox GamePass Is Reviving Dying Games

The EA/GamePass merge added in over 90 titles to the GamePass list and brought once-revered games back into the spotlight. Titanfall 2, Battlefield, and Battlefront have seen serious player spikes after the deal.

Courtesy of Microsoft

There is nothing quite like hopping back onto a game that you once loved to see full servers again, and this has been the case for quite a few EA games since the GamePass merge. Titles that were once locked away behind another paywall are up for grabs, provided you have the GamePass subscription.

Battlefield 1

Courtesy of EA

The revival for this game isn’t just based on GamePass- BFV being BFV really helped get a high number of players back into the servers. It’s getting up to 30,000 players a day on Xbox at peak times, meaning there’s no way you are going to miss those 64-player battles, and Operations have seen some consistent playtime in the past few months. It’s doing better on PlayStation consoles, which it has for the majority of its life span, and holds over 40,000 players where PC is seeing only 20,000 at peak times. 

Still, Battlefield 1 was one of the best installments in the franchise, and it’s great to see people are still flocking online. 

TitanFall 2

Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Titanfall 2 saw a pretty gradual decline in its player base over the years. Its moderately-successful launch didn’t help bring in a ton of players, but an avid community on Reddit did a pretty decent job keeping the fires stoked. Apex Legends also has Reddit to thank for its renewed popularity. As of the time of writing, there are over 23,000 people currently online. That means as I type, some pretty badass Titan battles are unfolding online. So where’s your Titan, pilot?

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Courtesy of DICE

If there was any game that had a valid reason to almost die completely at launch, it’s this one. If it wasn’t for Battlefront 2, EA would have never posted the single-most downvoted comment in Reddit history, and we might not have anti-gambling laws pertaining to loot boxes. Regardless, Battlefront 2 boasts a whopping 280K + player base for Xbox One, in from just Oct 19th-Nov 19th, as well as one of the most active multiplayer titles on the GamePass list. 

GamePass is a second chance for games that didn’t see a high number of initial sales and re-entry for some games that came out on the original Xbox itself. It’s a hell of a way to revive or preserve a franchise, and you can’t say it hasn’t worked. With its constantly-updated content coming out each month, there’s no telling what dead or dying game GamePass could revive next.

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